About Us


To reach out to the world and sharing our unique flora and fauna of our country with excellent customer services and reliable communication that will make your trip to Africa unforgettable.


To build a good communication foundation with our client and create a perfect trip that will make your dream come true. We value our client with excellent customer services. that your visit is memorable.

Why Us

Excellent customer services.

Our Company is unique and exclusive with more personalized touches. We focus on customizing your perfect trip of your interests. We are here to ensure that you enjoy afantastic, stress-free safari Adventures and in every aspect of your safari is handed by us from beginning to the end.

Private, tailor-made Tanzania Adventure.

We are a medium sized Tour Operator base in Arusha Tanzania. This allows us to focus on design your Tanzania safari to meet your specific needs. We offer a ‘personal touches’. All our safaris are private (just you and your guide).

Highly Experience Safari Guides.

Our team of skilled, local guides most importantly, they share our passion for Safari in Tanzania and everything it has to offer and also the Knowledge and experience for African wildlife—they know the bush intimately and can show you off-the-beaten paths. Our guides have excellent communication skills, an easygoing, friendly manner, and high professional standards.

Comfortable Vehicles.

Our vehicles are 4X4 Toyota Land Cruisers a very comfortable vehicle that you will keep you safe and comfortable. These reliable, custom-built vehicles are roomy with large viewing windows, a pop-up roof top, mini bar, and USB power sockets. Enjoy roaming the African bush without mileage or fuel restrictions!